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Clean Saskatoon is a family-owned and operated cleaning business in Saskatoon. We built a company that puts others first, guided by principles of excellence. Our mission from day one is cleaning homes and places of business as if they were our own. Clean Saskatoon’s approach to work is embodied by the Golden Rule: treating others the way we want to be treated.

We are passionate to build upon Clean Saskatoon’s reputation as the premier cleaning service – a service that gives you time back in your day to spend with loved ones and improve your quality of life!

Inspired by this same vision, we provide all the basics you would expect, plus those cleaning “extras” and special touches that are difficult to find elsewhere. Clean Saskatoon prides itself on environmentally sound products, low-impact equipment, and a customized service to ensure you are first and foremost. With the unique privilege of receiving customer feedback for 4 years, one thing remains the same – dedication to hard work and exacting standards.

“Thanks for the privilege of serving you!” – Olga, Owner

We are an Eco Friendly Cleaning Company

We are an Eco Friendly Cleaning Company

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